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How to Find a Good Quality Office Furniture Supplier in ChinaⅠ

How to Find a Good Quality Office Furniture Supplier in China Ⅰ

---How to Choose Appropriate Office Furniture?


As consumers, especially the people who are unfamiliar with office furniture factories, how to choose suitable office furniture products and suppliers? There are a few selection tips for your reference, I hope to help you.


Many office furniture factories and companies try to make beautiful office furniture to cater to customers. Some of them are more aesthetically pleasing than practical, making the office furniture less practical. Consumers should be focus on practicality and take this as standard.

workstation desk modern _ lohabour furniture.jpg


The office furniture factory constantly introduces a variety of new products, especially the modernized office furniture that has been loved by customers. As office furniture, such as conference tables, etc. are required products and office sofas are all necessary products for office furniture, so it is necessary to keep the cost control and not to buy extra office furniture.

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3.Freely combination

Combined office furniture is popular today. This easy-to-disassemble product is very convenient to use and can be combined at will, especially for large companies, it is much easier.

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In addition to all solid wood furniture, most of the modern furniture currently on the market has panel components. Therefore, it is particularly important to smell when buying. If it makes people shed tears and sneeze, it means that the formaldehyde emission of furniture is relatively high, there may be problems, do not buy.

modern l shaped office desk _ lohabour furniture.jpg

5.Complete accessories

Office furniture hardware is indispensable, which is what we often say about the combination of office furniture accessories, such as handles, lockers, etc., As the saying goes, details that determine success or failure, so When it comes to office furniture, hardware accessories are also something to consider.

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6.Test report

Consumers ask dealers for quality inspection reports to see if formaldehyde emissions from furniture are within the range allowed by the standard. If the formaldehyde in wood furniture exceeds the standard, do not buy it. Only boards that meet the e1 standard can be truly harmless to the human body.

l executive office desk _ lohabour furniture.jpg


Most of the wooden furniture with formaldehyde exceeding the standard uses cheap panels, so the price of the entire wooden furniture is often "ultra-low". Due to the large amount of glue used in cheap panels, the formaldehyde emissions have been seriously exceeded. Taking these factors into consideration, if you want to save money, second-hand office furniture is also a good choice. It can also save money for enterprises. Budget is a good choice for start-up companies.

 office sofa set _ lohabour furniture.jpg

When buying office furniture, in addition to the appearance, everyone pays most attention to the price. Every customer is pursuing a low price, but if the price is too low, there may be some problems with the quality. But if the price is too high, customers may not accept it.

Therefore, when buying office furniture, the key point that you need to consider is the cost-effectiveness of the furniture. If the cost-effectiveness of the furniture is appropriate and the price is slightly higher, and the quality is guaranteed, then such furniture can also be acceptable. Conversely, if the quality is not good, it doesn't make sense even if the price is very low.


So how to choose the cost-effectiveness of office furniture?

Will be disclosed in the ensuing chapter.

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